How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Sunday, April 23, 2017

PRICE DROP! War of Spanish Succession, 7 Years War

*Shipping at cost and by agreement. local pickup OK. 
*Reply in the COMMENTS section with a way to get in touch, or *email my gmail which is aama19147, THANKS!

Selling off a bunch of Horse'n Musket stuff.  Interested in sale or 6, 10 or 15mm figs for trade in another Horse'n Musket period, OR am looking for 25mm Old Glory AWI.


  • The Austrian Army 1740-80: (2), Infantry
  • The Austrian Army 1740-80: (3), Specialist Troops [Grenz, Freicorps, sappers, artillery, pandours]
  • OOP - Russian Army of the Seven Years War (2) [cavalry, artillery, flags]
  • OOP - Russian Army of the Seven Years War (1) [Infantry]
  • Frederick the Great’s Army 3, Specialist Troops [engineers, frei-corps, volunteers, jagers, field artillery]
  • Louis XV’s Army (1) Cavalry and Dragoons
  • Louis XV’s Army (2) French Infantry
  • Louis XV’s Army (3) Foreign Infantry
  • Louis XV’s Army (4) Light Troops and Specialists
  • Campaign #35: Plassey 1757, Clive of India’s Finest Hour
  • Campaign #91: Kolin 1757, Frederick the Great’s First Defeat
  • Campaign #113: Rossback and Leuthen 1757, Prussia’s Eagle Resurgent
  • Campaign #125: Zorndorf 1758, Frederick faces Holy Mother Russia
  • MaA Series 263: Mughul India 1504-1761
Uniforms of the Seven Years War – A Painters Guide, by William S. Biles, retail $15/ea, here all three best offer over $30
Vol 1: Prussia, England, Hanover, Hesse-Cassel and Brunswick
Vol 2: France, Austria, Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg
Vol 3: The Reicharmee, Russia and the Palatinate States
Pengel & Hurt  retail about $50, here all four best offer over $35
Prussian Infantry Uniforms of the 7YW
Prussian Cavalry Uniforms of the 7YW
Prussian Hussar Regiments: Regular, Irregular and Provincial
Prussian Flags of the 7YW
Small Hardbacks
Mollo – “Uniforms of the Seven Years War, 1756-1763”
Blandford Colour Series – “Cavalry Uniforms of Britain and the Commonwealth”

My War of Spanish Succession project: the perfect horse and musket period!
Cavalry is still on par with Infantry. I don't know why people think Napoleonics is balanced - infantry in good order stomp cavalry...and ditto that for the 7YW. Anyway, great figs, great plastics, and good books. I was looking into "The First Peninsula War" i.e. the campaign in Spain, as an interesting place to game.

Wargames Factory mint boxes: All New On Sprue
4 boxes WSS Infantry each - 36 figs [total is 144 infantry], $22 each
     *new retail box is 24 figures for $25, so this is 40% cheaper!
2 Boxes WSS Cavalry each 12 cavalry [24 total], $19 each
     *new retail box is $32, so this is $10 or 40% off.
2 Boxes WSS Artillery each - 2 Guns, 8 Crew, 2 mounted senior officers – on horseback
[Guns may be assembled as either 12 pounders or 8 pounders]
[total is 4 guns, 16 crew, 4 mounted senior officers]  $19 each
     *new retail box is $32, so this s $10 or 40% off.

Retail Army price Beater: 108 Infantry, 12 Cavalry, 3 Guns, 1 General @ $85
     *new retail army $135 [for 96 Inf/12 cav/3 guns, 1 Gen], so this is $50 off.

Entire Army: 4 boxes infantry, 2 cavalry and 2 artillery [144/24/6 + 2 generals] - $

All have many options as to how you make them – with the many extra heads and gear, you can make nearly any regiment of the war.

These were out of print from Wargames Factory. They’ve now been picked up by Warglord games, but at a substantial price increase OR with fewer figures [Infantry down to 24 figs instead of 32 figs]. Check out their website and compare. Even the Warstore can’t beat the price of this auction! You’re saving $15-40 even before considering shipping.

This items are also up at eBay, so there's about a week of waiting on them.

All Boxes front:

All Boxes back:

Infantry Boxes front:

Infantry Boxes back:

Cavalry Boxes front:
Cavalry Boxes back:

Artillery Boxes front:

Cavalry Boxes back:

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