How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Project Focus & Hobby Approach, p.3

Note empty box...  :(

Well, the final report is that I sold off a lot of items resulting in quite a bit of decision making and effort, but plenty of rewards. Some thoughts:

eBay - the system is smoother now than it used to be. I found it quicker and easier to use, to make quick auctions and perform feedback, etc. The message system is still cumbersome, but I bought a cheap postal scale and started printing postage off eBay resulting in savings of 10-45% depending! That was nice. I got a lot of great prices for many items, and solid and reasonable prices for almost everything else.

Separate Hobby Bank Account was finally created. I ended up using Freedom and that is now my link for Amazon and Paypal, keeping my main finances off the net and unlinked. It also helps me monitor hobby purchases and spending as I know that entire account and money stream is hobby junk. I recommend this to anyone serious about being responsible for their hobby spending and time!

Cash flow was excellent, with over $1,000 being transferred from gaming into my main account. After all fees were paid I netted about $1500, of which 1K went to bills, $250 to some gaming stuff and books and $250 is now in the account. However, I'm pursuing trade for a latest interest, ACW 6mm. Nice thing is it is local so we've no postage bills, and I got to see his stuff before even deciding I wanted it.

Mongoose Publishing's "Starship Troopers" were all sold. While it was hard to sell off some of the items, I consoled myself with the possibility of switching to 15s using the lovely line from Khurasan LINK with more realism and better space optimizing.

Games Workshop "The Lord of the Rings - Strategy Battle Game" took a bunch of hits, with lots of "big army" stuff getting sold off. I haven't reconciled and am still struggling with what scale to pursue fantasy in - historical 25-28 or Heroic 28 [e.g. Warhammer Fantasy]. I decided I prefer LOTR as a skirmish game more than anything else, and that I'd use historicals mainly to game big battles since I've plenty of them. I kept enough for a Gondor style force and lots of Moria Goblins - like 100+.  Can you ever have enough Moria Goblins??

Mantic "Kings of War" figures also took hits. I had a large undead army mint in boxes, and it all was sold. Love the figures, but have to draw the line at yet another army! With GW Empire, Chaos and Goblins laying around, something had to give. Besides, they'd be easy to replace someday.

While there are still some issue to resolve, periods and projects to sell off or get working on, I limited my exposure in two areas and sold off an entire project in which I had a lot invested.  I'm calling that a pretty big win!  I'm also getting encouragement and encouraging some of my gamer pals to get responsible with what is at the end of the day just a hobby.

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