How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Posting and Project Projections - dry spell to end!

Enough waiting! It is time to resume battle - let the fall gaming season begin!! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
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"Hey there, STAND UP!"               

Ok, the game season has arrived - it is quite the opposite of the actual military season, which is most busy in the warm summer months [obviously] suitable for maneuvers. Having had more than my fill of that with an NTC trip, I'm feeling that my hobby has been lagging and am noting with dismay that the blogging has also been irregular. So, some projected goals and project plans:

  1. Blog weekly on each blog, even if it is only to put up cool mini pics, a review of a book, or some game design thoughts. Smaller posts but more frequent is the goal. I think this will encourage regular visiting, as well.
  2. One Project each. Push forward on one project per blog, even if it is not a big one. How about some terrain or a couple of skirmish figures painted up? A sample or experimental painting of a new model, e.g. 1/3000 Age of Sail ships?
  3. Play 1-2 games a week per blog, to keep interest and motivation going - after all, the actual game is the reason for doing it! Fit in one with a colleague and one with strangers at the various hobby stores, or with a newbie to the genre.

With all this in mind, here's some actual progress you may want to stay tuned for:

1) COMMISSION & REGIMENT. This blog here! It's my first one and has to do with my first love primarily, warfare in the age of polite exchanges of fire and lace hankies. 

Work continues on the Grand-Tactical Horse and Musket rules Steve [Sound Officer's Call!] is urging for. Alongside that, is my long-neglected ACW armies in 6mm, a scale I'm dying to see on the table for the feeling of "mass" it brings, and hopefully, ease of painting, also. Also, the ACW is such a great period of US history, and I also like the Regiment-scale of games from Johnny Reb to NT's ACW / Wargaming: an Intro. So two goals:

  1. Horse and Musket Rules, Design: CLICK for all posts
  2. 6mm ACW: CLICK for all posts.

2) SPEAR TO THE STRIFE. My second blog, inspired by my love of the hand-to-hand eras, from ancient Rome to medievals, and including some flights into fantasy [which I intend to focus more and more on High Fantasy Tolkein as being much more edifying than the boobs and boogers of Warhammer]. Two main goals HERE, also:

  1. Progress in Dark Ages craft work, basing and painting.
  2. Add 25mm LoTR to the mix with rules and crafts.

3) UP THE BLUE!. Began with my North Africa WWII interests, but has evolved into the Modern Combat blog, including "realistic" sci-fi. Here the work on Terminator Genisys figures and games continues, along with plans for another Big Battle Bash of the Crusader campaign, my favorite WWII battle thus far. This must include painting my 15mm British Motor Infantry and finishing up my beloved Crud squadron!

  1. Terminator Genisys - skirmish movie fun!
  2. Operation Crusader, North Africa WWII: mega-game, Brit Infantry & Tanks.

4) RED IN THE MORNING. Started as WWI naval blog in attempt to actually play something upon a significant anniversary, in this case WWI North Sea fleet actions. A bit of a failure there, but good WWII posts and other naval action from Age of Sail to outer space. Here, my goal is to try out a couple of Age of Sail games and work on painting up my British Trafalgar force. This will necessitate some effort to finish my endeavors to adapt Portable Wargame Naval concepts to the period. Also on deck are my 1/3000 pre-Dreadnoughts and 1/2400 WWII USN / IJN who deserve some love, even if it is just putting on some masts!

  1. Age of Sail: Rules and preliminary model work. Perhaps a play of 1805: Sea of Glory?
  2. Pre-dreadnoughts. Modeling and more with rules.

Well, there you have it - lots of lofty goals for Fall into early winter as the season continues to peak for gaming. I'm hoping that I can continue to do good things with the hobby, get more focused and either get rid of stuff or start using it. Key to that is activity, no doubt.

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