How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Thursday, March 29, 2018

"Come to Jesus Moment" P.2, Big Progress

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, 
     and I will give you rest." Matthew 12:28

**EDITS AND UPDATE 03/19/18** 

These reflect the sales from Cold Wars 2018 and some re-organizing of items into projects that make more sense to me, especially when they are inter-related by theme, era, terrain, etc. I've more items that are ready to sell, but decided to retain some for now due to organizing my projects better. 

Items that are FADED are gone!

I pushed pretty hard on eBay organizing this week, including projects that I'd forgotten in boxes, and got a lot up. So far $200 in sales in the works, and two transfers - $150 - have been pushed to the bank account [gotta leave some money in paypal for postage and fees].

Seriously considering totally getting out of GW now that my black library paperbacks are selling off. It's amazing how silly most of it looks when you take a step back - even the vanilla Space Marines from AoBR - especially considering all the more realistic 28mm figs for near-future sci-fi. 

Planning to use some of the more "realistic" Imperial Guard for Space Hulk, along with the Genestealers - the 'Nids are probably the best faction aesthetically [of course a blatant rip-off of Aliens just as Necrons are a blatant rip-off of Terminators]. 

Anyway, we'll see, but was super pleased that batches of 10-14 Black Library books are going for $20-30, shows a well thought-out auction!

I recommend that we all do what Steve did at "Sound Officer's Call" and consider cross-over terrain, cross-over figs, etc. While I'll never limit myself to one scale, practical as 15mm is [mine would be 25mm anyway] it does pay to organize projects together. 

For Example, my Desert Terrain in 15mm can be used for 15mm WWII North Africa, and 15mm French Foreign Legion v. Arabs / Tuareg, and the terrain [not buildings] can also be used for 6mm micro armor in Syria. I'm planning to create terrain for 54mm Afghanistan 1898 that will also accomodate 28mm figs, perhaps even 15mm, too.

This is what my old crime unit sergeant used to call that "moment of truth" for perps we were after, where something had to give - and it was going to be them. Quick Google search says something like:

The phrase is based on your choice at the moment you decide to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. It also has a secular meaning: a "come to Jesus moment" refers to a dawning, epiphany or agreement following a disagreement.

So yes, this is an "additional dawning" following choices previously put forward here on this blog [click] to be both better focused and to avoid fruitless spending of time, money and energy.

  1. 40 gaming projects – could be a few too many?
  2. Drop some unique projects, emphasize cross-over [e.g. the figures/basing can be used in multiple sets of rules that I am playing or may play, or the Terrain can be used in multiple scales and periods].
  3. Drop: dead-end projects and those without plans for the next year or so, and larger scales for smaller, cheaper, portable scales in future [e.g. 28mm sci-fi for 15mm sci-fi].
  4. Fast-play: Easy sharing / hosting, smaller space, simpler, look good, newbies
  5. Skirmish / small Units [FUBAR, WAI Skirmish] 40mm & 54mm Colonial Plastics.

  1. Space Fleets: WoC Star Wars plastic
  2. Skirmish
    1. WoC Star Wars plastics [FUBAR?], 
    2. Space Hulk / Terminator / Bladerunner Gangs [gang/terrain league?]
    3. 40mm ECW / Colonials
    4. 54mm Plastics
  3. WWII 1/2400 Naval - USN v. IJN
  4. WWII 15mm land - Brits v. Italians, N. Africa
    • French Foreign Legion / Arabs, N. Africa
  5. Medievals 25-28mm: Dark Ages --> Feudal Wales [Saxons, Vikings, Normans, LotR].
  6. Modern micro-armor: Syrian 2020
I think I can focus on 6 projects, half of which are cooking on the top burner...they are now organized not in order of priority, but in order of the amount of work to do with them to get them finished for the table.

Below is the 40 projects, some of which are already on line for sale [italics]

TO SELL, TRADE [down to 4]
  1. Urban War [on eBay - CLICK]
  2. War of Spanish Succession 28mm plastics [TRADE for other plastics?]
  3. 28mm Modern Afghanistan Brits [TAG] v. Taliban [Empress]
  4. Star Wars scale ships Odyssey Slipways [TRADE]
  5. Warhammer Black Library books, White Dwarf
GONE! 28mm Renaissance, Inferno magazine, Extra Space Hulk, Mantic Greenskins, TAG Brits, Cry Havoc games [Siege, Outremer], bunch of old rule sets and all TOO FAT LARDIES rules.

  1. Warhammer Fantasy Projects
  2. --Chaos Dwarfs
  3. --Empire
  4. --Greenskins - [sell all]
  5. --Chaos
  6. --Brettonians / Lizardmen - 
  7. 28mm Sci-Fi: terrain, objects vehicles, Warhammer 40K
  8. --Space Marines [sell all]
  9. --Necrons --> Terminator Project instead?
  10. Board games: Squad Leader [all], Cry Havoc!
  11. Ral Partha in tub, Thunder Mountain Arthurians
  12. Age of Sail 1/600 [test interest w' WS&IM counters]
  13. WWII 1:700 models
TO KEEP – for now [6]
  1. 1/2400 WWI Naval & Dreadnoughts
  2. 40mm Dark Ages
  3. 25mm War of Roses / 100YW project
  4. 25mm Chariot Biblical Wars [some sold]
  5. 25mm Pershing / Pancho
  6. 28mm Heroic - Space Hulk [Catachens, Steel Legion, Necrons, Bladerunner Gangs]
IF ANY OF THE ABOVE PROJECTS INTEREST YOU, CONTACT ME...mostly looking for cash, but if something gels with the below projects, would consider a trade.

TO KEEP [16]
  1. 6mm ACW
  2. 1/285 Modern Micro-Armor
  3. 15mm WWII
  4. --Italians: desert and continental,
  5. --British desert,
  6. --USA: generic [Tunisia, LW]
  7. --Germans: LW/generic, Tunisia/desert
  8. 15mm FFL & Arabs
  9. 15mm Greeks
  10. 15mm+ Testudo Romans & Gauls
  11. 25mm Dark Ages, Feudals, Late Romans / Byzantines / LotR
  12. 28mm WoC Star Wars plastic figs
  13. 40mm Pike and Shot
  14. 54mm Armies in Plastic Colonial Skirmish
  15. 1/2400 WWII Naval [and a little 1/700, too]
  16. 1/5000 [?] WoC Star Wars plastic ships


  1. It's always a challenge to keep projects under control. I think another strategy is to see what others in your gaming group have and avoid a duplication if possible. Having an end game helps also. With systems like OHW you know the max numbers of figures needed for a period. the downside being it's easy to try and justify more periods because you only need fifty figures.

    Good Luck!

  2. Period exploration is definitely a challenge if you're a history nut - first you read about some unusual period, then you realize there's nice figs for it...then you need to pause for a couple of days...

  3. I think one way to restrain oneself is skirmish gaming - usually a dozen figs is enough for two sides to explore period. The issue there is that it is a time sink to always be trying out new rules and get them going with a group, almost always results in needing to get both sides.

    This is one nice thing about historicals...a viking is a viking in any set of rules. But most Fantasy and Sci-fi has such carefully created appearances that you can end up blowing money over and over on skirmish sets.


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