How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Pudel and Peper attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

8000 Visits! Where this is going...

Well, things seemed to have continued developing around here altho I haven't been around to do anything!  Soon after my January post I was commissioned into the National Guard and then almost immediately dashed off to training.  Real army life has therefore pushed my pretend army life and little lead men into the background.  All this is due to finish up soon, and I'm hoping that by Sept I'll be back home and working to assemble these command pack figures.  All that will then be left is the cavalry, ten of, and I'll have finally finished my goal of assembling the entire force before purchasing any more figures.  I'm really looking forward to the command figures since they're such a great opportunity to develop some characters and personalities for the forces.

As the Neil Thomas One Hour Wargames rules have had quite an effect on my personal gaming, I will most likely next get some scenics in the 40mm range so that I can fight the little battles he puts forward.  Two bridges, some buildings and some fortifications will all be needed.  I already have a variety of trees and some other terrain that can scale up from 25mm.  Even unpainted, I can temporarily base the figures and play around with them.  Developing rules I like will also help me decide how to finish basing them.

So most likely posts this fall will be:

  • Neil Thomas Pike'n Shot rules experiments,
  • Assembly of final 20-30 figs,
  • Terrain acquisition and assembly as needed.
Hope you are enjoying the previous posts and do return this fall to see how things develop.  Until then, keep your match burning and your pikes leveled!

"Forward, forward, have at them!"  Royalist cavalry at the battle of Edgehill.
The Royalist cavalry attacking at the Battle of Edgehill