How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Pudel and Peper attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Figure Painting Challenge, p3: 01/15 - 02/15/2020

Painting fans, I regret that in a time of government - enforced painting possibilities, I have been wrapped up in mandatory Army education fun. As I return to a more normal routine, I hope to keep up with and finish off this competition!

In any event, This post will catch us up to all pics and reports thru February 15th. If I have made any errors, please let me know and I will correct.

So to recap from last post, here's our contestants in order of points:

  1. [255.3 pts...or more] Chris P: 18mm medievals and 28mm Cthulu
  2. [217 pts] Steve W: 10mm 7YW, micro-armor
  3. [120 pts] Brian H: 15mm AWI
  4. [24 pts] Gary A: 28mm Mad Maximillion auto duels
  5. [22.5 pts] Joe McG: 28mm WWII
  6. [0 pts] Bob McN: 40K Killteam and Star Wars Legion figures
  7. [0 pts] John Y: 54mm projects
  8. [0 pts] Chris S: 15mm medievals
  9. [0 pts] Alex A: 15mm WWII, 25mm Pershing Expedition, 54mm NW Frontier, ACW
Clearly, it's a race for 1st between Steve W and Chris P, with the rest of us contending for 4th, and Brian sort of by himself in the middle of an open field. But what now??

Continuing from there, and in the above order of competitors, I have received or at least seen some progress as follows - if you've anything to add, or want a pic or link removed, please let me know and I will do so:

1) Dr. Chris P, aka "The Mad Doktor" reports:
Everything slowed way down once school started… Only 11 units painted this week. [ONLY...?? I am ashamed of my progress. A.

Dancing Skeletons - 18mm "Joan of Arc"
"Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (Mythic Games) 100 Years War setting. This is both a board game and a rule set – they expanded the board game which comes with a range of scenarios to allow for open battle mode with restricted build lists. It includes both (many) historical units, but also some supernatural (skeletons, werewolves, angels,demons) for special games.  18 mm miniatures, hexagonal tiles for terrain."

 Wilbur Whately                           Olivia DuChamp               Al Capone
"All Call of Cthluhu: Death May Die (Fantasy Flight Games). This is a cooperative board game in the classic Cthulhu feel. 28 mm miniatures, tiles to represent rooms and whatnot."
Dr. Chris P. Campaign Total (on blog [HERE]): 385.9

2) Steve W reports as follows:
"This year I've really been trying to stick to my plans and that means painting American War for Independence troops.  The good news here is I only have a very small amount of units left to paint.  This is one of them - the famed "Jersey Blues" or 1st New Jersey Regiment.  In an effort to bolster my forces for my upcoming Germantown game, I realized that I need a few more units of British and Continentals in 15mm to make it happen!
24 x 15mm "musket miniatures" Continentals
24 @2 pts = 48 pts

"Also, continuing the momentum of my 10mm projects, I completed another 10mm SYW Prussian Regiment today (30 total figures). " 30 @ 1pt = 30 + 6pts for basing = 36 pts, 84 pts total.

On Feb 5th, he added a few more flying menaces to the 1/300 force. I recognize a couple as being previously done, but I think the other 11 are new.

11 x 6mm vehicles @ 2pts = 22 pts

More at his blog, here [CLICK].
Steve W. Campaign Total = 323 pts

3) Brian H submitted the following:
"I finished two more units of 15mm Continental Army units for my AWI project for 115 points."

"I've also rebased some of my 28mm FIW miniatures for the upcoming release of the new version of Muskets & Tomahawks. I plan to have them all rebased by its release. That's 23 points for the 23 miniatures (the six natives and an officer aren't pictured)." Total = 138 pts

He then added a week or so later: "I've got more models finished! 25 Orc Boyz for my "Classichammer" Orcs & Goblins project. 
All based up, so [25 @ 5pts for]125 points, plus 25 bonus points = 150pts
Brian H. Campaign Total =  408 pts

4) Gary A [one of our semi-pro painters] submitted the following:

"Another 28mm Mad Maximillion 1934 car....Rote Katze. Gary"
60 pts plus 8 for basing = 68
Gary A Campaign Total = 92 pts

5) Joe McG made some more progress on his 28mm Air Assault on Crete Project:
" last batch of completed attached.  All minis were started before the contest, but completed & based during…Be well.  
Thanks again for doing this – it’s motivating & fun."

Five Fallschirmjagers: "Ve haf kome to take yor iceland!"

This is their back won't see this in combat!

Stuck on sentry duty? looks like he could use a bracer of schnapps!
So 6 more FJ for 30 pts x .5 for being already started is 15 + 3pts for basing = 18 pts.

Campaign Total = 40.5 pts

hmmm, and what have we here?

6) Bob McN reports: 
"Hey, I painted things this time: 2 units of Shoretroopers, A dewback rider, Darth Vader, and Bossk. (Bossk was already started before the comp. began though.)"

love the green texture skin on the dewback!

16 x 40mm figures @7pts = 112 pts
1 x 40mm fig already started = 3.5 pts
2 x crew served weapon @15pts = 30 pts
Bob McN Campaign Total = 145.5 pts

7) John Y: 54mm projects

AIP 54mm "Ginlandian Officer" for his Imagi-nation, painted in Britons style:

To face him, a Vodkian officer thunders across the steppes! AIP 54mm Cossack.

Soviet Mortar Team, Italieri knock-offs of some kind:
2 x Mounted 54mm @ 20pts = 40
2 x foot 54mm @ 10 pts = 20
54mm crew served weapon = 20pts
John Y Campaign Total = 80 pts!

8) Chris S - exciting updates as follows:
"Thanks for link to points, so revised total is:
91 15mm foot @ 2 pts 182 +bonus = 218
29 15mm mounted @ 4 pts 116 +bonus =139
Chris S Campaign Total 357

[hmmmm, bit of a "dunlap" problem here...]

"I will explore what my next 30 days + looks like.  Have an entire army to complete but will need more than 50 days to finish. Chris"

His next email contained quite a stretch goal for the next phase:
"Next up for me 28mm Selecuids by Aventine Miniatures.
Xystophoroi Heavy Cav 12 @ 10 = 120
Light Cav Javelin 4 @ 10 = 40
Elephant Howda and Crew 40 (counting this as vehicle)
Pikemen 60 @ 5 = 300
Galatians 8 @ 5 = 40
Levy 10 @ 5 = 50
Light Inf 6 @ 5 = 30
Theureophoroi 12 @ 5 = 60
Thracians 12 @ 5 = 60
740 points.

All I can say is - go for it! 
And bonus points to whomever can say "Theureophoroi - Xystophoroi" 5 times real fast...

9) Alex A made little progress: 
"I managed to prime the Villistas and US Cavalry in a spot of mild weather before disappearing from the painting scene to go all out in the Army education system"

 Arizona Rangers

I'm going to try for a painting up approach with the villistas and a block approach with the US Cavalry [their gear was a reddish-brown color, uniform an olive wool]. We'll see!

Alex A. Campaign Progress = zero pts [phbbbbb!]

So some new standings at February 15th! Here's we are in order of points:
  1. [408 pts] Brian H: 15mm AWI
  2. [385.9 pts] Chris P: 18mm medievals and 28mm Cthulu
  3. [357 pts] Chris S: 15mm medievals
  4. [323 pts] Steve W: 10mm 7YW & Napoleonics, micro-armor
  5. [145.5 pts] Bob McN: 40K Killteam and Star Wars Legion figures
  6. [92 pts] Gary A: 28mm Mad Maximillion auto duels
  7. [80 pts] John Y: 54mm projects
  8. [40.5 pts] Joe McG: 28mm WWII
  9. [0 pts] Alex A: 15mm WWII, 25mm Pershing Expedition, 54mm NW Frontier
Clearly, a four-way race for 1st with the rest of us contending for 5th - altho Bob and Gary are most likely. I need to get on the board and at least harass Joe McG's standing! 

So, there you have it - a  productive month for many of you.

I will be posting on gains thru March 15th ASAP. 

I suggest  we continue the competition through April 15th in honor of "Many Happy Returns Day" and recognizing that everyone needs something to do during quarantine here at Plague Ground Zero. However, in all fairness, it should be a bonus competition since original date was March 15th and we have in fact passed it already by the calendar if not by posts. This will keep me safe from accusations of trying to get caught up and win by April 15th!  Not very likely the way most of you are working.

I am open for your suggestions.