How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Pudel and Peper attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Monday, January 20, 2020

Figure Painting Challenge, p2: 12/15-01/15/2020

So here are the participants summarized. At present, we've nine people, in order of signup:
  1. Steve W: 10mm 7YW, micro-armor 
  2. Brian H: 15mm AWI 
  3. Bob McN: 40K Killteam and Star Wars Legion figures 
  4. Joe McG: 28mm WWII 
  5. Chris P: 15mm medievals and 28mm Cthulu 
  6. John Y: 54mm projects
  7. Gary A: 28mm Mad Maximillion auto duels 
  8. Chris S: 15mm medievals
  9. Alex A: 15mm WWII, 25mm Pershing Expedition, 54mm NW Frontier, ACW
I think most people know each other thru 7th Dimension Games, except Joe is from New Jersey Miniatures Society up around Warrington / Doylestown / Trenton area, John Y is a blog pal who lives in Florida, I think.

1) Steve W reports as follows:
 "30 more troops for the painting challenge:

+45 = 75 10mm troops so far [75 pts]

 And working on another 45 - the Baden-Hochburg regiment. Paint on!!!"

There's also 10 mounted generals and an additional foot figure in 10mm [21 pts].
[96 pts of 10mm included here]

Steve also has a horde of modern 6mm micro-armor at his blog [CLICK], but there's tons and I am uncertain what is new and what is finishing a started project. From yesterday's post it appears that he's done 35 tanks + flocked [70 +14 pts = 84] and 74 infantry [37 pts].
Total so far = 217 pts [some may be halved if already started, we'll see].

2) Brian H submitted the following:

There's more at his blog here [click]

Two units of 24 15mm and a 15mm mounted commander. I believe that nets me 100 points? [yes, plus 20 pts for basing/flocking].

3) Bob McN: "Thrilled to report that I have made exactly zero progress!" 

*booooo, hisssss*  :)  He has added that there's a painting night at Stomping Grounds on Wednesdays starting up this week, and he's planning to start his challenge there.

4) Joe McG finished nine Crusader and Artizan 28mm WWII Germans he already started:


 Love how the SMG guy needs a shave! There's are just super figures that look great! 9 x 28mm figs are 45 points; they were already started so get half points, so 22.5 points. 

NOTE: We get 20% bonus for basing/flocking them properly [how doesn’t matter – skirmish, groups, whatever]. So in this case that would be another 4.5 points for 27 points when done.

5) Dr. Chris P, aka "The Mad Doktor" reports, "Here’s my results up to January 11, 2020:

13 @ 28 mm foot units ( x 5)                                  65
5 @ 28 mm monsters (mounted) ( x 10)                 50
3 @ 18 mm large monster (x 12.5)                         37.5
1 @ 28 mm big monster (vehicle) ( x 20)               20
6 @ 18 mm foot unit (x 3)                                       18
18 @ 18 mm foot unit based (x 3.6)                        64.8
TOTAL                                                                   255.3 [might be some more for basing?]

didn't this come out of some dude's stomach in Aliens??

More yuck for the buck!

More pics at The Professor's blog here [CLICK].

6) John Y has not submitted a report.

7) Gary A [one of our semi-pro painters] submitted the following, his first 28mm Mad Maximillian 1934 car:

This looks like super fun, sort of a cross between "Fast and Furious", "Mad Max" and "Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines" [20pts + 4 for basing]

8) Chris S: no update

9) Alex A: As for my painting progress:

15mm WWII
ordered 22nd Armoured Brigade decals from Black Lion: $8 shipped, they were resized from 1/72 for me, and I found them nowhere else: I really wanted the red stag on white, since it seems a likely choice for much of the brigade's time as it was bounced around through various formations and command structures. I have trouble believing that they always re-painted everything with every change, but one never knows. Below are the British Motor Company, The Rifle Brigade, almost done:

25mm Pershing Expedition

Cleaned and prepped 25 foot and 2 mounted, then mounted for painting. 
23 U.S. Cavalry dismounted:

Two Arizona Rangers [mounted & on foot]

More here [CLICK].

54mm Plastics

I've a good 30+ that have been awaiting paint for some time, all NW Frontier pathans / brits.
Toy Soldier style project, still hunting, but inspired [CLICK]

*             *              *

So to summarize, here's our contestants in order of points:

  1. [255.3 pts...or more] Chris P: 15mm medievals and 28mm Cthulu
  2. [217 pts] Steve W: 10mm 7YW, micro-armor
  3. [120 pts] Brian H: 15mm AWI
  4. [24 pts] Gary A: 28mm Mad Maximillion auto duels
  5. [22.5 pts] Joe McG: 28mm WWII
  6. [0 pts] Bob McN: 40K Killteam and Star Wars Legion figures
  7. [0 pts] John Y: 54mm projects
  8. [0 pts] Chris S: 15mm medievals
  9. [0 pts] Alex A: 15mm WWII, 25mm Pershing Expedition, 54mm NW Frontier, ACW
Clearly, a race for 1st between Steve W and Chris P, with the rest of us contending for 4th, and Brian sort of by himself in the middle of an open field.

There you have it - stay tuned and get inspired!