How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
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Monday, September 16, 2013

40mm Figure Comparison: Romanoff v. Sash & Saber

Well, inevitably there just HAS to be a discussion of this, it's one of the most popular and perhaps important topic of shared info regarding figs.  Amazingly, I didn't even think to compare them and I didn't notice a size discrepancy until I started to play around with basing schemes.  Check out the photographic evidence:

The Romanoff has longer legs and is a bit bulkier.  They're a net 2-3mm taller and I probably wouldn't mix them in the same regiment altho they'd be fine on the same table.  This is important b/c there isn't a ton of 40mm sculpts out there for ECW.  The variety Romanoff offers is quite useful for my early war style of regiments, and I wouldn't want to have to pass on them.  The identical pics just vary the light conditions as each shows different aspects better, I think.  At some point I need to get some Jacdaw figs as well:

While the Romanoff are more expensive and take some time to assemble, I still enjoy the final result and look forward to the command pack.  I'll add some pike to it as well for a full regiment which I intend to use as Trained Bande.  Then they too can fight for either side!


  1. I mix Romanoff, Jacdaw, and Irregular in foot regiments - the S&S as you say are just a bit smaller.

    -- Allan

  2. Each to his own taste of course, but people don't come in one "standard size".

    And while it is true that I work in a different scale, I am more concerned with how closely the equipment (particularly muskets) match than I am with body shape and size . . . up to a point, of course.

    From what I see I certainly wouldn't have a problem with them on the same table and probably not in the same unit . . . but for your army, your eye is the more important one.

    -- Jeff

  3. I think it falls into the "it all depends" category. sometimes a larger figure is just fine, sometimes not. Depends on sculpting style, weapons size, etc. I'll play it as I see it going along, but for now I'll probably keep them in separate units in general.

    Jacdaw is another whole animal, haven't even gotten any of them yet, nor Drabant.

  4. Hmmm, to be honest I don't see much difference between these 2. The heads, weapons and bulk look similar to me, not precisely the same but comfortable with each other, well within human variation as Jeff points out . Do they really stand out at arms length?

    Anyway, to each their own of course.

  5. I don't think they'd mix well in a regiment. Certainly a big bulky fellow or two is all part of the reality of humanity. But if one went that direction you'd need some smaller guys as well. it'd be great if someone sculpted a personalities pack in 40mm and they were in fact bigger and smaller. Warlord 25mm has a bunch of that, with famous big fellows really being bigger, etc. With the Romanoff, they could basically sculpt another body or two that are thinner, smaller. In any event, it's not critical and may be less noticeable with paint. All I need is some time to get back to this project!

  6. funny, looking back on this post, I wonder if I'm not just obsessing a bit about the aesthetics of it all.sculpting style, weapon size and the distorting effect of colors will probably make the figs relative size appearance alter. If I use muted tones on a large fig, and brights on a smaller one, it will probably be unnoticeable.