How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corsec Bases

With the decision to go with 3" square bases and half bases, I debated type and manufacturer.  I posted at TMP in the basing area, and got a number of suggestions, including one from Jon Bowen at Corsec Engineering saying that he had 1/4" MDF [mid-density fiberboard] laying around that might suit the larger figs.  In the end, I went with Corsec b/c he was very responsive to emails, but picked 3mm MDF.  The total cost for 15 3x1.5" bases and 15 3x3" bases was $25.60 shipped.  There was a delay in shipping due to a mechanical fire in his cutter, but Jon let me know and then shipped them by the second predicted date.  I don't know how much MDF costs, but my dad's bandsaw is temporarily out of service and there's a time/cost factor for me to cut them myself, anyway.  So I felt like I did well with the deal.  And here's how they look:

They had a slightly singed smell from the laser cutting when I first opened, but that is dissipating.  Perhaps it can be explained as the smell of the matchlock musket's matches burning??  This is how they scale down next to a figure:

They seem just right - big enough to give a grip, but not big enough to be obvious.  Also, I doubt even a thick base will prevent people from picking them up by the figs.

As for the basing scheme, I'm thinking two ranks of 3 pike on the 3x3" base, and a rank of 2 Shotte in each 3x1.5" base.  So the shotte will have 4 figs and pike 6 figs on the same space.  This seems to be a likely deployment. in the ECW.  Remember that the shotte have extra space to load and to march down the files after Giving Fire.  Here's a pike pic:

seems big enough, and I want the extra depth to prevent figs from banging into each other during melee contact between units, as well as making some diorama effects.  As for that the generals will be on the large bases as well, and I plan to have dioramas with them including some sort of flag to indicate who they are on the table-field.  I'm toying with the idea of putting the Regimental command on the half base with three figs.  Hard to decide since I haven't finished my ACW rules yet!  The optimum balance of looks and history has yet to be decided.  Probably the last thing that will happen is flocking as I tinker with basing and rules.  Ah, the joys of wargaming....

I give Corsec an 8/10 cornets for price and service including communication.  I'd certainly buy the next batch of bases from Jonathan.  Might need some deep ones for guns....

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  1. I use 3mm high quality cardboard for bases and cut them to size myself. I have each figure in a nominal 2x3cm space - with 3 per base and each of the pike/shot groups having one base split (2+1)for casualty removal.

    -- Allan