How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Pudel and Peper attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

4000 Posts! Updates, Neil Thomas Rules

"It is with great pride, pleasure and joy that we acknowledge the visitation of over 4000 guests to this our humble site on the concerns of this great British conflict.
We do beseech you to return at your earliest opportunity.

Well, it is true that this blog has been often on my mind and rarely under my fingers.  But my gaming time has been limited, resulting in some consolidation of blog material and focus, plus I've been doing some work to observe the 100th anniversary of WWI.  

This blog will expand into the horse and musket era.  Most likely into the American Revolution, or American War of Independence, or whatever it may be called these days. Living in the locations of most of the 1777 campaign has got me thinking about 40mm for that campaign, also. But no decisions made yet.  I just feel that the ECW is the start of horse and musket in terms of rules and mentality rather than just the end of the medieval and renaissance.  Altho If I can be distracted into renaissance it will be here, also!

Recently, I've gotten some new impetus for gaming in general from Neil Thomas and his "One - Hour Wargames" book, and I couldn't resist "Ancient and Medieval Wargaming" either.  The first playtest is finished for the Dark Ages rules in 1HW, and can be found in my medieval blog, "Spear to the Strife" here: 
Actually, it is developed into a three-part post, with lots of pics and details.  As well as links to reviews by other NT fans and their blogs and batreps.  Quite good stuff really/!  Is it for you?  Maybe - best to read up and find out!

I've done some upgrades to this site, including adding some great blogs to the list, and changing some of my lists into link-lists to facilitate your visit.  I hope it helps.  

On the 40mm ECW front, I still need to finish cleaning, assembling and gap-filling more 40mm ECW, no doubt about that.  I've a cav unit, and some command, not a lot.  But one needs to get to it to get it done!  I haven't spent much time at the hobby table since our move into a new house, and I need to figure out how that will work in my new schedule.  I've managed to get in some games of the NT rules and plan some for DBA 3.0 as well.

Meanwhile, I've been playing a bunch of the NT rules, and the ones for Pike and Shot are really looking quite good.  Definitely giving me some forward momentum to progress with two sides of about 6 Units, which is what the 1HW rules use per side, with a max of ten units available to roll off from on the "army lists" provided.  While I don't think they're exactly "ECW Flavorful" they are evocative of the period and well deserve some playtests.  

The DA rules I've played about five times, and they are more nuanced than appear at first read.  Yes, I'll still experiment with some changes, but I'll be open to finding out that they're not needed or too complicated!  That is more than can be said for wargamers who change rules before they've even tried them out - which truly annoys me I might add.

Anyway, a summary of the NT Pike and Shot set will be along shortly.

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