How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Over 2000 views! Update on the project...

Wow, would never have thought this would get up to 2000 views in just a few months.  Hopefully this is getting new people interested in both ECW and 40mm.  My thanks to Tidders "For Ye King" and Bluebear Jeff for their encouragement and support.

Been a very busy few months.  In October I had significant (good) career developments, followed by a very busy holiday season, and then winter has been a zoo with the weather.  School cancellations right and left, lost hours of work and personal time, and a bunch of time spent playing and deciding about some dark ages rules (going with SAGA these days) which has resulted in me finally getting back to my craft table.  Probably half the paint is dried out by now...

But the other day, I had some inspiration for the quick-play ECW rules I'm working on.  They'll be at 1:10 and to scale on the table (altho not in scale with the figs themselves) so 1"=4 yards for now.   This makes effective shotte range about 12" and long range 24", which seem like a good size for small ECW battles.  Tidders is my inspiration here, as for some time I will be building up several small regiments to get into the table.  Considering a simple chipping system and an integrated turn sequence for both players, with diced movement.  Hope to get a draft that is worth playtesting sometime soon.  While I want it to play fast and fun, I want it to be very tactical and also represent real decisions that commanders would have faced in the period.

Also, the last of the 25mm ECW finally sold!  Took a lot longer than I thought despite it being such a good deal - 50% off or something, better than the Old Glory Army discount.  I am now officially "Only 40mm" for ECW.  Once it was rolling, even the painted figures weren't too painful to package up.

The net effect is that I'm even more clear-minded about proceeding in 40mm.  I think the most important thing right now is to paint up some figures. Consider how colorless the fellows below look - they remind me of my poor little bare men!

"We march, we march, to bring vengeance upon those who fail to paint us!"


  1. Nice to see you 'back on project'. Looking forward to seeing some of your painted figures.

    If you'd like to see the ECW rules I use - have a look on

    the 18C Skirmish Rules Lite may be of interest - these use are for 1:10 ratio and I have used them for ECW games with some modifications (not yet written up).

    -- Allan

  2. I'll check them out. Have you tried "File Leader" by Pete Berry? I've been giving them a read and I like some of it, but it strikes me as something one has to play to get a feel for it. I know I don't like a couple of the mechanisms, but these are easily changed.

    1. For my ECW gaming I've just used the "Charge Yr Pikes" ruleset - they suit me ok; I haven't looked at any other ones.

      -- Allan

  3. yes, that's it - I thought you were using "Charge Yr Pikes" by Jackson Wargamers. I see them on the page also, and he has a "Weight of Fire ECW" as well.