How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pushing 10K - definite plans in the works - Really!

Attend upon me here lad, while I finish this message with our plans...
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Well, this blog just keeps running along without me!  Here we are pushing well into 9,000 hits on our way to 10 - what would happen if I actually POSTED things?  Well, we're about to find out, as I've posted twice today and have another well along.

First post is a review of a great - if older - ECW resource, "Wargamer's Guide to the English Civil War, 2nd ed.".  Lots of new stuff out there, but not many with as much info as this book has for the gamer.  If it is a bit dated occasionally, that's easily remedied with some asking around or buying a couple other books.  Hope Bill Protz is doing well out in the midwest USA as he does some great work, even though his rules are a bit old school for my taste.

Look for more reviews to come quickly.  Have been heavily and closely reading two that are excellent and proving very formative to my own thoughts, including Osprey's "Pike and Shot Tactics, 1590-1660" as well as the wonderful surprise, "Famous by My Sword".  If you don't like to read details, all I can say is buy them both - immediately!

My development plans still revolve around a respectful start with the Neil Thomas "One-Hour Wargames" rules.  I did order his "Introduction to Wargaming" which apparently has more pike and shot as well as WWII rules.  But for me the best place to start is with OHW - start simple and figure out what the minimum chrome is needed to get the choices and feel I want.  To that end I've already played off three playtests of scenario #4, "Take the High Ground".  The second ended up being in the AAR which was posted today.  The third was the best yet, with lots of interesting maneuvering and clever use of firepower.  A good game!

As Christmas approaches, I look forward to some time off for myself, which I intend to include finishing the 40mm ECW I have from Sash & Saber and Romanoff.  These include 30 Shotte, 20 Pike, 10 Command, 7 Buffcoat Cavalry w'3 Command and 2 Generals.  Probably only enough for 6-7 Infantry, and two cavalry units, but I can get going with them on temporary basing.  It does make me think that I should order some more to have ready for the holidays just in case I've time to knock out some extra Horse, especially.  I'd love some dragoons and horse with back and breast, as well as dismounted dragoons to use as commanded shotte.  Hmmmm....

Well, I hope your advent is proving to be a thoughtful and humbling time before the joy of Christmas.  If you've no Christmas, then borrow a bit from those who do, or enjoy such holidays as you like, but at all times:

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"Trust in God and keep your powder dry"!

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