How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reinforcements on the way!

Reinforcements are on the way, sire!  Sorry to interrupt your grog and sup...,-1900.html

Well, having almost kept all three promises I made regarding purchases:
  1. Only spend money made on sales of my hobby stuff on hobby stuff, 
  2. Not to buy more figs for this project until all 72 figs were assembled and primed,
  3. Place S&S orders at the $200 free shipping level,
I can now place my next order!  It feels good that it's both "free money" and that promises were kept [PTL!].  As I'm planning for my holiday break, I have to finish assembling and cleaning my ten buffcoat cavalry and ten command figures by Dec 26.  I think that's manageable, and that I'll then have time to knock out a few more units over holiday but I need to order them now to have them on hand then.

With 20 pike, 30 shotte, 10 command, 10 horse and 2 generals, I need a little more infantry and a bunch more horse.  

I want to have one foot battaglia with armor in an early war "Trained Bande" style, so that means 5 Romanoff pike to match their 10 shotte. The proportions are then a bit off, with 25 pike and 30 shotte, so another 20 S&S shotte are needed for 25/50.  Some more command figs are useful so the other S&S command pack [with preacher] seems like a must.  That will give me 25 / 50 pike/shot, and 15 command to spread around, for 90 foot total, enough for 5-6 small infantry battaglia of about 15 figures.

I'm also ready for some scouting / skirmishing, so I need some dragoons.  While not present in large numbers proportionately, dragoons were present in every battle, especially small ones.  10 Dismounted and 6 mounted would give me both commanded shotte and more horse.

I also need more cavalry since they were common in smaller battles b/c of their mobility - they were always in action.  With only ten horse now, a horse pack with back and breast and command would be good, bringing me up to 26 total horse, or about 1/4 of the total.

40RTW1 Armoured Pikemen "Charge Your Pike" 5 figs @$17
$17 to make Romanoff Trained Bande of 15 figs + command

40ECW3 Musketeers Firing, 20 figs @ $45
40 ECW202 Infantry Command B, 5 figs @ $17
$62 for 25 more foote
$79 for 30 total foot

40ECW5 Cavalry in Back-and-Breast 7 figs @$45 [parliament cavalry with Pistols]
40ECW203 Cavalry Command 3 figs @$23
$68 for 10 more cav figs

40ECW101 Mounted Dragoons 3 figs @$23 x 2 = 46

40ECW102 Dismounted Dragoons 5 figs @$14.50 x 2 = $29
$75 for 6 mounted and 10 dismounted dragoons

TOTAL = $ 219.50

A bit over the $200 free shipping threshold, but it'll give me about 7-8 foot units [6 pike/shot, 1-2 dragoons] and 3-4 horse units, plenty to play with and start experimenting with the ECW rules I'm working on.

In the future, we'll need some artillery to fight over and / or try out rules for it.

40ECW301 Artillerists 5 figs @$14.50
40ECWE1 Falconet 1 gun @$14.50

$29 for a Gun

Cav Order alternative:

40ECW7 Cuirassiers 7 figs @$45 [parliament cavalry with Pistols]
40ECW203 Cavalry Command 3 figs @$23
$68 for Armored Cav troops

As I'm still experimenting with the rules, I don't need to worry too much about details of units, just have enough variety to experiment with rules and fight.  Probably the hardest thing has been for me to hold off on ordering lobsterbacks - they just look cool!

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  1. I applaud your commitment in sticking to your rules. I hope to do something similar in the forthcoming year....only spending money generated by recycled figures but I fear I will lapse. Look forward to seeing the completed regiments.