How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Musketeers - March!

Couldn't wait so broke open one of the two large packs of S&S figures.  I've one of pikes and one of Musketeers, at 20 figs for $45 they're the best bargain at $2.50 a fig.

REVIEW: They are quite crisp [hard metal and relatively clean] and have many nice details, including snapsacks, powder flasks, "apostles", bows on britches, and some nice details on the Matchlocks.  There are three poses advancing, and you get a perfect 7-7-6 spread.  They also come with musket rests [nice touch for early war especially], 3 sets of 4 brimmed hat heads + 2-3 individual ones, 2 bare heads, 2 monmoth/knit cap heads, 5 montero cap heads.  There is a bit of flash in hard-to-reach spots, but the mold lines are faint.  I don't find them to be unusual in cleaning either way [unusually clean or messy].

These can easily be used for early or late with and without rests.  The head variety is solid for brimmed hats but the caps / bare heads are only 9, so one would probably have to ask for extra montero hats, for example, which I am certain they'd be happy to provide (based upon past excellent service with Old Glory who casts and ships for S&S).  With only heads to attach they'll be a snap to assemble.

Overall, I give them an '8' for solid sculpting, nice options, easy assembly and metal quality.


  1. From the finished photos I've seen on other sites, they are lovely figures indeed . . . and of a delightful size . . . with footprint not much larger than 28mm figs.

    How do you plan on basing them?

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff, I'm looking into 3mm plastic of some sort. moisture-proof and not much more than mdf and all the wood alternatives.

      I think the figs will need the heft if not the height of the base, altho 1.5mm would probably be just fine, also.

      frontages are based upon historical distances. So I'm looking at about 25mm per infantry, on 3x3" or 3x1.5" bases. The frontage of 3" is correct to teh groundscale I'm using for my rules. The figs will be 12-16 men each, 4 files by 3-4 ranks deep (so 6-8 ranks for two ranks of figures). Shotte effective range will be 16" or 50y, with a long range out to 32"

      Cavalry, guns and generals will be on the 3"x3" bases also. Two Cavalry, one gun and crew, and a general with minions / flunkies / fawning admirers / staff however you phrase it.

      Probably my generals will have 1, 2 or 3 figs per stand hanging about. One should carry a flag to show that he's a general or something, I think. My rules will equate the numerical value of the general and the number of figs on his stand so that he is easy to see in game terms, also.

  2. Not much assembly to do for these just the heads and maybe the rests. The Romanoff figs I find a bit more fiddly as you have to do the head, arms and sword

    -- Allan

  3. Quite. I will also do reviews on the Romanoff and welcome your input. They look a bit cleaner in the bag than the S&S, but certainly more assembly and I think that the loading poses will be a bit difficult with seperate guns, powder flasks and arms.

    Their command pack has lots of options which also means lots of bits to assemble.