How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Purchase! Sash & Saber + Romanoff

With most of my ECW 25mm eBay auctions making great progress in bids, I decided ten days ago that I could allow myself to place an initial order of 40mm Sash and Saber (from whom one gets Romanoff 30YW in the USA, also):
Romanoff are from the UK but S&S imports them.  They are more 30YW but the differences are little to none for most figures.

The order included the following, and Chris explained by a _quick_ reply via email that there are extra heads and weapon in the packs, including heads with the Montero Cap (unmentioned in the fig descriptions and pics):

20 Unarmored Pike, 20 Muskteers Advancing, Command A [5]
Cavalry in Buffcoat & Cav Command [10], 2 mtd Generals,
A Romanoff Command [5] and two Romanoff firing musketeers [10].

Total of 60 foot, 12 mounted for $240 USD [including shipping]. Infantry are about $3 USD and Cavalry $10. USD 

So, more expensive than big Bicorne and Renegade figs, but not by much with shipping and such figured in for those figs from UK. The foote come in around $2.50/ea, but the horse average out to $10 with command  [lotta lead I guess!].  Price comparison:
Renegade (shipped to US) = $2 foot, $5 mtd
Bicorne (  "       "          ) = $2.50 foot, 6.50 mtd
S&S/Romanoff [free shipping ] = $2.75 foot, $10 mtd
But as I will have smaller units of the 40mm, it probably won't be a lot more than a premium 28mm project.  The cav is the big expense, and I plan to have plenty of it!

Excited about painting them as well, since it'll be a snap to put on a few extra details quickly with my trusty Micron pens.


  1. I like the Sash and Saber figures . . . but I couldn't afford them (particularly with the shipping charges to Canada) . . . nevertheless, they are very nice.

    I've opted for the Warlord plastics because of affordability . . . Warlord currently has a "free shipping worldwide" program going. I also have some Perry figures that I've picked up that match very well.

    I don't know how well the Old Glory would mix in. The foot would probably be okay but the big question is the mounted. A different sculpting style (or differing size) can really make a difference.

    I look forward to seeing how your project progresses, Alex, and I wish you well, sir.

    -- Jeff

  2. Thanks! And contact me about the rules I'm working on and your own project.

    Our experience with Old Glory is that they are - unsurprisingly - smaller than the Renegade / Bicorne / Front Rank type. They are the same height as the Perry / Warlord, but the plastics have a more slender and accurate / realistic proportion. This may make their heads 'look small' to those of us used to figures that are sculpted for ease and detail of painting, not to be proportionately accurate.

    To summarize, I think they mix fine on the table, but are not usually mixable in the same unit.


    1. My email is . . . bluebearjeff at shaw dot ca . . . (note that that is ".ca" for Canada; not ".com". Email me with yours please.

      I posted something about my rules earlier today (about 4am). Take a look:

      -- Jeff

  3. Jeff, sent email about the rules, and did look at your blog. Cheers, Alex

  4. Oh, and want to confirm - shipping to CN is now ugly. I have lost some auctions due to it. Still, the S&S for a US customer is only a bit more than premium UK figs with shipping. Since the 40mm take up a little more space, I think it evens out.

    Compared to plastics or Old Glory - twice as much per figure at least, and much more per project. Boils down to what you want, I guess. I'm starting my musketeers, and am very pleased with them!

  5. For my ECW armies I use mostly figures from the Irregular Miniatures 42mm Renaissance Range, especially for the cavalry
    Inf £1.50; about $2.35
    Cav £3.50; about $5.45
    shipping rate overseas surface is 20% (airmail 40%)

    -- Allan

  6. I did some comparison pics of S&S and Irregular a while back, these are on my blog at

    -- Allan

  7. Yes, I read those with great interest. I think I figured the cost about the same as S&S with postage to USA, and the figures didn't look quite as detailed. Would you say the sculpting was superior for the S&S over Irregular?

  8. You're right the cost by the time you've shipped is about the same as S&S.

    Overall S&S has more detail and heads are better; the Irregulars paint up nicely(I sometimes change their heads to S&S ones) and look OK on the table when gaming - so suits me.

    -- Allan