How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Review of Sash & Saber Musketeers Advancing, 40 ECW4

Pics of my cleaned, primed and assembled S&S Musketeers Advancing - 40ECW4.  You get 20 for $45, which is $2.25 a figure, a great value for one's line units.  I would say that they had an average amount of cleaning for Old Glory castings.  Some fine mold lines, some parts that I filed lines deeper, the occasional flash.  The heads add great variety - it's amazing what even changing the position of a head can do!  Again, there are three variations in a 7-7-6 ratio.

My one complaint is that the sword scabbards are unusually thick and attached to the base with a large chunk of flash.  This has to be cut with metal snips and then I used my Dremel with a metal carver to shape the big thick rectangular sculpt a bit.  They would be much better off as a separate casting which would enable them to have a lot more detail and be correctly sized (scaled up they're about the size of a 2by4 that's 3' long!).  The ones on the Romanoff sculpts are separate and they're lovely scabbard sculpts - perfect proportions and nice details overall.  Compared to regular Old Glory they are almost twice as much - the 25mm are $1.16 ea without any discount - but they are nearly twice as big!

I give them an 8 for variety, 8 for value, and 7 for overall sculpt/casting quality, for a 7.5.

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  1. If shipping charges to Canada were not so abysmal, I would certainly have seriously considered the S&S 40mm figs instead of going with a mix of Warlord plastics and some Perry 28s along with some "mystery figs" that I got from another gamer.

    But for US people thinking about the ECW, the S&S figures are certainly well worth thinking about. Their footprint isn't much more than 28s; but the size difference (height and heft) is quite significant.

    I look forward to seeing these in they new clothes once you've painted them.

    -- Jeff