How Men of Quality Resolve Differences

How Men of Quality Resolve Differences
Poodle attacks - an ugly but inevitable part of any 17th C. British Civil War, "Oh! The Shame of it All!"

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Take my 25mm - PUHLEEEEZE!"

Hey, you can "take my wives, puhleeeeze, too!"  [with apologies to Henny Youngman:\
but my favorite line is at the end - "Am I too late for the garbage?  No, jump in!"]

In response to overwhelming demand [well, truth be told, one suggestion, but I'm very pliable] I'm posting more details about my 25mm Old Glory auctions.  Several sold already and are at the feedback stage.  just a few are left.  My painting is what I would call "superior wargame table standard" which is to say that most of it is block painting with drybrush highlighting and then the miracle dip [the only painting method approved by the Pope in Rome - beware ye heretics!] for a solid if not Golden Daemon paint job.  Yes, I've gotten lots of compliments from people over the years, but mostly for the details I add to knights shields and such [for which I thank the inventors of the Micron Pen and a steady hand.  Run's in the blood - dad's a surgeon, dontcha know?].  Anyway, here's pics:

OK, I'll add that I think the brushwork on the above captain's horse is quite good, if I do say so m'self.
Anyway, my eBay ID is "Double-a-68" and here's the auction:
Personally, I think they're a bargain.  Having shipped and received from Sri Lanka I can assure you that you don't get figs painted this well.  At $60 you're paying $25 over the price of the figs [$40 with the OG discount] so unless you make about $2/hour, you're coming out ahead on this auction.

Also up are some generals / characters, and a brigade of infantry and a brigade of cavalry.  They are being sold below the Old Glory discount, so it's something like 45% off or so, with no tax!  Until someone bids on them, I can withdraw the auction so feel free to send me an offer.


  1. Alex,

    How close is the Old Glory in size compared to the Warlord? If they are close I might be interested, even with the shipping to Canada.

    -- Jeff

  2. sorry Jeff, I somehow missed this comment - or perhaps I answered it by email... the sizes are just fine, it's purely the proportions that are different. Old Glory exaggerates hand and head size to make them easier to paint, while most plastics are more realistically proportioned. I don't think they mix well at all in the same units, but they look just fine on the table. A buddy of mine has a lot of both, I've linked his blog "Bede's Wargaming Blog" above.

    On a similar note, all my 25mm ECW have sold! Yay!